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Chakra Education Workshop w/ Katrin Hodgins

January 28 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


When we are stuck in suffering, we are really focused in on the problem. Almost like looking through a lens, that’s all we can see and it consumes so much of us. It causes stress and pressure, sometimes hopelessness and depression. The body has a physical response to that, blood pressure might go up, digestion may be off… So many ways this can show up, depending on where in the body you are experiencing stress.

In eastern medicine we learn about the flow of energy in the body, and that stress experienced over a long period of time can cause your energy to diminish, or even get stuck and become “counter-productive”. This is how certain parts of the body, like your organs, your nervous system and hormones become effected.

The 7 main Chakras are also called the “levels of clear seeing”.

✨ Each of them are connected to nerves in the body. Through nerves we experience sensations that are then translated into emotions (or energy in motion).
✨ They also connect to endocrine glands that are responsible for hormones and other important functions of the body.
✨ And they connect to a group of or organs

For example, ✨ The Heart Chakra ✨

It governs love, compassion, connection with other people, gratitude,…
What helps us discern from what to let in and what to keep out, what is good for us and where we need a boundary, is Love. The immune system does the same thing, therefore the gland associated with the heart chakra is the thymus gland, located in the upper chest.
The thymus gland regulates our immune response and produces white blood cells that help us fight infections and diseases. Helping us to let in what is wanted, and keep out what’s not wanted.

Bring your journal and be ready to immerse yourself into learning about the chakras.

Event price $99.

To RSVP send event registration fee via PayPal https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/katrinjh


January 28
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


ATLANTA, GA 30342 United States
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(404) 255-5207