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Fairycrafting 101 – Foundations of Fairy Magic w/ Daniela Simina

September 9 @ 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Whether you are drawn to this from pure curiosity, or you feel an inkling to enter spiritual partnerships with them, the fairies, this class is the place to begin. Join us to learn about the reality of fairies and about the gifts and dangers underlying encounters and relationships with them. Discover Fairy, a world of wonder, but also be prepared to find out that fairies are not always cute, only occasionally benevolent, and sometimes quite dangerous. Learn from the lore of different traditions and from the presenter’s personal experience about Fairy gifts, powers, and the potential strings attached to partaking in these. Explore traditions of fairy seers, fairy doctors and fairy witches as they are known and in different European cultures, tackle the possibility of building partnerships with fairy allies in safe ways.

In this first class you will:

  • get acquainted with different theories about the origin and identity of fairies in different traditions;
  • explore the meaning and origin of the words fairy and Fairy to better understand the Otherworldly places and the beings you seek you meet;
  • travel to Fairy through shamanic journey;
  • learn about the benefits of connecting with fairies and the appropriate ways to engage;
  • learn about liminal time, Fairy time, and portals between world
  • meet your fairy guide, the first friend and ally you’ll make in Fairy;
  • begin to work with your fairy guide;
  • find out where can you take your practice from here.

No previous knowledge of fairies or folklore are necessary! The only prerequisite is your curiosity, interest, and desire to learn.

All class materials including audio and video links for home practice will be provided

$75 – Call 404-255-5207 to register.


About Daniela Simina:

Daniela Simina is an author and teacher. She grew up in Romania steeped into the local fairy traditions and learning from her grandmother, a fairy seer and medicine woman. Daniela researches, writes, and teaches classes on various esoteric subjects related to fairies and fairy magic. Her quest is to empower people through awakening to the enchantment of natural energies and connection with the magic of Fairy.


September 9
4:00 pm - 8:00 pm


ATLANTA, GA 30342 United States
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(404) 255-5207